A&G Camper Rentals

Welcome to A&G Camper Rentals! Let me tell you about us:

We are the premier RV / camper rental company in Central Pennsylvania. Rent a camper for any type of event such as hunting, fishing, football games, family events, weddings, etc. and let us help you make it more enjoyable!  We serve campers at all local campgrounds: Raystown Lake, Greenwood Furnace State Park, Rothrock State Forest, Trough Creek State Park, Whipple Dam State Park, Canoe Creek State Park,  Raystown Resort , and more ....

We are a family-owned and operated camper rental service in the heart of beautiful Raystown country, in Huntingdon, PA.  Enjoy the great outdoors with your family in the comfort of our rentals.  We offer all that you need to make your camping trip worry-free and affordable!

New Pictures are Coming Soon! 

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